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Monday, 8 August 2011

Blackberry and the youth rioter market

With a third night of rioting and looting in the offing tonight across London, one thing I can be sure of is that I won't have to listen to any more idiots telling me how clever and strategic Blackberry have been at capturing the youth market. I've had various people tell me over the past six months that Blackberry's were the cool item and the youth had turned away from iPhones as being too mainstream. Of course the only word that ever matters to the youth market when it comes to communication is "freeness" and BBM offered that, so it was no surprise it took off.

Personally I was never that clear how a load of hoodies using a free service was going to build a future business model for Blackberry but maybe I was looking too closely at the users I see in London. I certainly wondered if they would be able to keep their credibility as a key tool for the business elite once every "yout" hanging round the bus shelter had one.

Anyway, now they have the youth market in their pocket it will be interesting to see how their PR department handles the fact the Blackberry is every rioters favourite accessory. I also wonder what co-operation they will offer the police in tracking down those people inviting everyone to head down to the local JD Sports and rob the place.

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