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Friday, 24 February 2012

Sky Arts Ignition

The first of the Sky Arts Ignition projects has been announced, a partnership with Tate Liverpool featuring an immersive installation by the artist Doug Aitken. Sky said:

"We are pleased to announce that our first partnership will be with Tate Liverpool. Tate Liverpool has commissioned one of the world’s most established and innovative contemporary artists, Doug Aitken, to create an immersive installation on the Albert Dock as part of the seventh Liverpool Biennial. It will be Aitken’s first public realm installation in the UK, showcasing his pioneering and ambitious approach to public art; not only to those visiting Liverpool’s waterfront, but to viewers worldwide with the support of Sky Arts."

Be interesting to see the other 5 winners which I presume will be announced shortly. Sky Arts seem to be really doing a good job of developing projects that provide good broadcast programming rather than focus on traditional capture, and putting a significant sum into them rather than spread themselves too thin. Not sure about Sky Arts announcement tweet though!

The other element to the Ignition project is the Futures Fund which closes today. This offers five emerging artists a £30,000 bursary each, as well as support through Sky's on air, online or on demand platforms. The fund is designed to help young talent bridge the development gap from formal education to becoming a working artist. Again, a significant fund that can offer a real opprtunity to create work.

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