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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Flick Colby - RIP

Flick Colby the choreographer for Pan's People, Ruby Flipper and Legs and Co. sadly died on 26 May. Anyone of a certain age will remember those classic dance routines on Top of the Pops. I pity poor Flick trying to create routines for some of the songs. Some of my favourites as inappropriate dance material? Tusk by Fleetwood Mac! Spirit of Radio by Rush? Something Else by the Sex Pistols!? The theme from Jaws?!?

Of course the mid 70s were the classic years as Pan's People danced to soul and disco by US based artists in the era before the music video.

But if I am going to choose one clip to show it has to be Linus's favourite, the classic never to be forgotten Gilbert O'Sullivan - Get Down. A huge influence in its use of dogs on stage on Pina Bausch and Alain Platel's Ballet C de la B apparently.

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