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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Google Trends

A bit of a sad post I admit, but I love graphs, data and maps.

At the ECHO digital conference recently I included a screen grab as an example of the kind of information you can easily get from the web. It was done using Google Trends  a site you may or may not have used but one that is easy and quite fun.
Searches for Dance Classes

This was what I used as an example. Searches for Dance Classes, which showed that, like going to the gym, people make a resolution at the beginning of every year to learn to dance. Anyway, huge data sources are truly fascinating and I tried a few other things.

Aftershave and perfume are seasonal searches too. Though the market for perfume is definitely on the rise, I presume as it becomes part of every celebrity brand offering. Some more traditional seasonal trends are rather more predictable.

Searches for Aftershave

Searches for Perfume

Searches for Turkey Recipes

Naomi Campbell vs. Kate Moss goes to prove one major indiscretion can't compete with being a badass on a regular basis.

Searches for Naomi Campbell

Searches for Kate Moss

One of the interesting things is noticing the major trends up or down and then figuring out the reason why. Though Google sometimes helpfully reminds you.

Searches for Glastonbury

Searches for MDMA
Searches for Stingray

Tracey Emin vs. Damien Hirst makes an interesting comparison.

Searches for Tracey Emin

Searches for Damien Hurst

The rapid growth and decline of a global phenomenon...

Searches for Guitar Hero

...and everyone's gift for Christmas 2010

Searches for Kindle

And finally in case you were planning on getting one hot tubs are sooo over...
Searches for Hot Tubs

Ok, I need to stop now.

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