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Saturday, 16 April 2011

iTunes University - the National Theatre adds content

The National Theatre have begun to upload their content to the iTunes university. There is good video around War Horse, Mother Courage and Hamlet, mostly short form, but also longer interviews with Danny Boyle, Rory Kinnear and Peter Hall. I also liked the vocal exercises for aspiring actors. It is another good example of how existing content can be distributed through multiple outlets. Importantly it also provides a valuable outlet for the type of longer, more specialised content that might otherwise be hidden away on a venue's education pages or never used at all; post-show talks, seminars, courses and classes.

Video and podcasts are the obvious content for the iTunes university but students may find background material like poster artwork, technical plans, costume and set designs valuable and these can be uploaded in pdf format.  It would be great to see entire productions documented all the way from conception to performance and made available to students.

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