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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Take your corporate guidelines and $tuff em!

A lot is said about the importance of logos and corporate identities (usually by people who design logos and corporate identities) but in the modern era what does it mean? In a world where brands are often spoken about by the public more than they speak directly themselves, the unchanging, corporate controlled logo may be an endangered species.

Increasingly as arts organisations cut costs and spend less in traditional media (press ads, print, outdoor) the appearance of the logo (with all its rigid guidelines) in outlets we control will become insignificant in volume compared to the huge amount of mentions we receive in editorial (in both newsprint and online) and increasingly through facebook, foursquare and twitter.

The music industry is already adapting to this new world. Ke$ha for example has a logo that works in virtually any font that is likely to be used in modern communication. Whether it is in an email subject line, in a newspaper editorial, on a tweet, a facebook status message, SMS or BBM. It is a logo that is flexible enough to adapt to different circumstances yet strong enough to be instantly recognisable.

In the modern world increasingly there will be no control over colour, no exclusion areas, no rules for minimum size for your logo, not when the primary communication about your brand is being done by other people.

ps We are changing our logo to $ADLER'S W£LL$.

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